FastPitch Softball Carrollton-Farmers Branch

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14U Rules

1. Spring / summer leagues, games are seventy (75) minutes finish the inning.

1b. Fall ball games are 70 minutes, finish the inning.

2. Players will pitch from 43 feet; base distance set at 60 feet, an 12 inch ball will be used.

3. Five run per half inning limit.

4. Free substitutions, no re-entry rules.

5. May field ten defensive players if both coaches agree at the plate conference.

6. If a team is ahead by fifteen runs after three innings the game is over.

7. All league games shall be played in accordance with the current ASA softball rules unless specifically noted otherwise.

General Rules:

8. No jewelry will be allowed while participating in league games.

9. Each team must be at the field ready to play 15 minutes prior to official game time. Bad weather is no exception, unless the League's or the City's field condition report indicates the field is not playable.

10. An official team lineup sheet must be given to the scorekeeper by each team prior to game time. The home team shall occupy the third base dugout.

11. The manager of the home team for the last game is responsible for returning the bases to their designated storage area. If the bases are stolen as a result of negligence, the manager responsible shall reimburse the League for replacement bases.

12. Scoreboard use is optional and if used, the visiting team will provide an operator for the scoreboard. The last game visiting team will return the scoreboard controller to the storage area. If the controller is stolen as a result of negligence, the manager responsible shall reimburse the League for a replacement controller.

13. The home team is responsible for keeping score, and the manager of the winning team is responsible for reporting the win to the   and  within twenty-four hours.

14. If a team cannot field eight players by official game time, the game is a forfeit. A team member who arrives after Official game time can be added to the bottom of the lineup. The umpire and opposing manager must be notified of the addition.

15. Players on offense must wear approved helmets with face masks and chin straps.

16. All players in attendance on each team must be in the batting order the entire game. Each team must play all of their players at least one inning defensively in each game.

17. If a player is injured and cannot continue, her name shall be stricken from the lineup with no automatic penalty for what would have been future turns at bat. If an offensive player (base runner) is removed from the game, the substitue runner will be recorded as an automatic out if her turn at bat occurs while she is still a base runner. If a batter becomes injured or is otherwise unable to complete a turn at bat the next batter in the lineup shall take the injured batters turn at bat, assuming the existing ball and strike count. The replacement batter does not bat twice in a row.

18. Only manager, coaches, assistant coaches and players are allowed in the dugout and playing area. No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or inappropriate language is allowed in these areas.

19. If a game is called for any reason, three full innings (2 1/2, if home team is ahead) will be considered a complete game. If a complete game is not played, the game will be rescheduled and played as a new game in its entirety.

20. Games which are tied after seven innings of play, or if time has expired, will be recorded as a half win and half loss for each team.

21. A protest must be made prior to the next pitch, except for player eligibility. A protest cannot be made solely regarding umpire judgment.

22. An appeal of a play must be prior to the next pitch or before the defensive team leaves the field.

23. If game time has expired and the home team cannot win or tie, the home plate umpire may end the game at any time.

24. After league play is completed, ties in team standings for trophy positions (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) will be resolved by win-loss record between the two teams in head to head competition during league play. Any remaining ties will result in a play off game. The playoff game will be scheduled during the last week of league play if possible, the week following the end of league play if not. The division VP, scheduler and manager of the teams involved should be in communication if a potential for a tie exists. The 48-hour notification rule does not apply to playoff games. If a team cannot field 8 players to compete in a play off game, it will be considered a forfeit and the other team declared the winner.

Girls love to cheer. Even though this is an exciting game, please keep cheers positive. Please refrain from heckling the other team. No taunting will be tolerated, including parents. Coaches are responsible for the parents being positive to the opposing team. If the umpire has to ask fans to leave, they shall be escorted from the park