FastPitch Softball Carrollton-Farmers Branch

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8U Rules

1. Spring / summer leagues, games are sixty (60) minutes finish the inning. The second game of the night is scheduled at 7:45, but may begin a few minutes late.

2. Fall ball season is fifty-five (55) minutes finish the inning.

3. Pitching machine distance is 35 feet and base distance is 55 feet.

4. An 11 inch softball will be used. (some safety balls will be available for practice only)  - This rule amended in 2010

5. Teams may play ten (10) players defensively and shall bat their line-up. Free defensive substitution.

6. Five (5) runs per half inning limit. If a team is ahead by fifteen runs after three innings, game is over.

7. A pitching machine will be used during all games in accordance to Rule 8.

    • Coach operating the pitching machine must be 18 or older, must be on the team’s roster, and is required to have a current Coach Card.
    • Coach must have instruction on machine use prior to game.
    • Coach must remain at the machine during all plays to prevent the pitcher from contacting the machine.
    • Coach should encourage return throws to the pitcher.
    • Coach will only be allowed to give directions to the batter at the plate. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Coach shall NOT give directions to any advancing runners. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    •  If the coach ignores this rule, the umpire will advise the head coach to replace the coach at the pitching machine.
    • The machine setting, micro-adjustments, and speed must be agreed upon by both coaches prior to the game and may not be changed during the game.
    • Recommended machine settings are 1-4-4 to achieve a 28-30mph pitch.
    • The batter will not receive a walk. The batter must hit a fair ball to achieve first base.
    • Batter will receive at least four (4) pitches from the pitching machine.
    • The batter can swing at all four pitches. The batter will not be out upon the 3rd strike but may be out as a result of not hitting the ball fair by the 5th pitch.
    • The batter will receive a 5th pitch if the 4th pitch is hit foul. If batter fouls the 5th pitch, the batter is out. No additional pitches, no exceptions.
    • The umpire may deem any machine-pitched ball un-hittable and result in a “no pitch.” Adjustments to the machine may be deemed necessary by the umpire.
    • If the machine is hit as a result of a batted ball, the batter-runner shall receive first base. All runners will advance only as the result of a force.
    • If the machine or coach is hit as the result of a thrown ball, “dead ball” shall be the result.
    • One base advancement for runners if the machine is hit while being returned to the pitcher. It will be an umpire’s judgment call (delayed dead ball) if the player deliberately threw to the machine instead of the pitcher in order to stop the play. The umpire will decide (delayed dead ball) which base the advancing runner shall receive.
    • It will be an umpire's judgment call, if a coach makes an attempt to avoid a batted ball and is hit, the batter-runner shall receive first base. All runners will advance only as the result of a force. If a coach does not make an attempt to avoid a batted ball and is hit, "dead ball" will be called and the batter will receive a "re-pitch" from the machine.

9. Pitcher on offense will be even or behind the pitching machine and will have only one foot inside the circle before the ball is released.

10.Defensive players should return the ball to the player-pitcher. If the coach-pitcher catches or receives the ball on a return throw, the play is dead and runners will RETURN (no exceptions) to the previous base.

11.Only one base can be obtained on the first overthrow of any base. A “delayed dead ball” will result and umpires will return players to the appropriate base.

12.No infield fly rule. No running on dropped third strike.

13.If a runner is hit by a batted ball and offense interference is determined by the umpire (dead ball), the runner is out. The umpire will determine (as a result of the dead ball) where other runners will be placed and batting proceeds.

14.NO STEALING AT ANY TIME. A runner may lead off after the ball is released from the pitching machine. The runner must return if the ball is not hit. A runner may lead off (but not steal) after the ball is released from the pitching machine. It will be the umpires’ judgment call if the player left the base early or if a hesitation in the release of the ball from the pitching machine made it seem the runner left early.

15.One defensive coach is allowed on the field behind second base. The defensive coach must remain in the outfield and may only speak to the defensive players. No Exceptions.

16.Bunting is allowed.

17.Girls love to cheer. Even though this is an exciting game, please keep cheers positive. Please refrain from heckling the other team. No taunting will be tolerated, including parents. Coaches are responsible for the parents being positive to the opposing team. If the umpire has to ask fans to leave, they shall be escorted from the park.

18.Machines are stored in the closet at the field and may be set up by either team prior to the game. The HOME TEAM Manager is responsible for returning pitching machines and bases to the closet after the final game of the day.

19.SCOREKEEPING: It is the responsibility of the home team to keep the official book and be available to the umpire if a question arises.


• Although 8 & Under does not have official standings, scores are needed to determine division placement for the following year.
• Scores must be reported by the HOME team within 24 hours: