FastPitch Softball Carrollton-Farmers Branch

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      6U Rules

1. Games will be (55) minutes.

2. An 11 inch safety ball will be used.

3. A 25 foot pitching circle will be on the field and is recommended, but the coach is not limited to the circle.

4. The base path is 35 feet. The foul lines will have a mark at 35 feet for base placement.

5.HOME TEAM will set the league provided throw down bases. Please return the bases at the end of the season. These bases are not used for any other division.

6. Defensive infield players are limited to: pitcher, catcher, first second, third and shortstop. all remaining players are in the outfield. No one sits the bench.

7. Six girls will bat each half inning. Please do not refer to three outs.

8. Players are allowed to hit either a coach-pitched ball or may use the batting T.

9. Each batter gets 5 attempts to hit from the T or coach. If there is still no contact, they are not our and should run to first. PURPOSE: To teach the players to run the bases.

10. If a batter hits the ball into the outfield, allow them to continue to run the bases. PURPOSE: To encourage the defensive players to field the ball.

11. Players may advance only one base on the first overthrow.

12. The 6th batter will hit a "homerun" and clear the bases. PURPOSE: All girls need to run the bases and learn.

13. Coaches should alternate the lineup for each game so all players have the opportunity to bat 6th and score the "homerun".

14. Players will bat at least twice each game.

15. Teams are allowed two defensive coaches on the field. PUROSE: To help focus their team and teach defense.

16. Teams are allowed two offensive coaches; one at first and one at third.

    • Please make certain the firls are paying attention, otherwise accidents happen.
    • No climbing the dugout fence.
    • All batters must wear a halmet and chinstrap. The helmet must stay on until the batter re-enters the dugout.
    • Please keep the on-deck batter in the batter's circle until play has ceased on the field. 

Please Note:
Since 6U does not need an umpire. Rescheduling games is very easy. If your team (with the opposing team agreeing) decides to play on another night or afternoon, please verify field availability with the scheduler at 

Division VP: 

You can also download the pdf file of the 6U Rules.