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Updated 4/14/14 2:52 PM

  ORAN GOOD - 972-919-1455
  JOSEY RANCH - 214-559-6094
  (Cities will update after 3PM)


6 & Under Division:

Birthdates: 2007-2008

Fees: $40

Gamedays: Saturday Morning

Contact: Gabriela Gonzalez



8 & Under Division:

Birthdates: 2005-2006

Fees: $65 registration + mandatory fundraiser or $65 buyout

Gamedays: Tuesday nights

Contact: Harley Butker


10 & Under Divison:

Birtdates: 2003-2004

Fees: $65 registration + mandatory fundraiser or $65 buyout

Gamedays:Monday nights

Contact: Diane Beasley


12-14U Divison:


Fees: $65 registration + mandatory fundraiser or $65 buyout

Gamedays:Monday nights

Contact: Scott Larkin

We are currently only offering a 12U division for Spring 2014.  It will be comprised of 12U teams with players born 2001 & 2002 (2003 with age waivers allowed.)  We will also allow any player born in 2000 who played with the league last Spring or Fall to return and play with their 12U team.  Please be advised that, for insurance purposes, we will have to identify this division as 12U-14U.  We will play under standard 12U rules, and the league's rules specific to the 12U division.  We will accept new 12U teams, though any player born in 2000 who is new to the league will require board approval.





All divisions will have makeups on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as necessary. If unavoidable, Wednesdays and Saturdays may be used.


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Be sure to subcribe to the CFBGSL Facebook page to receive instant text messages about field changes and rainouts. The city rainout line is only updated at 3PM and will not reflect last minute changes. To have the status updates sent as text messages, you must first activate Facebook mobile by following the instructions under the Mobile tab under you Account Settings. Once activated, go into your Account Settings, select the Mobile tab and enter CFB GirlsSoftball under "whose status updates should go to my phone?".


CFBGSL association bylaws available online. 

If you have a question, refer to the by laws! You can download them here!

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